School Starts!

The Preps are off to a great start to the year.  They have started learning this terms values of Getting Along which has included discussing taking turns and making good choices.  The students decided they need to take turns because when we take turns we are sharing, being kind and making friends.  Making good choices is also a major focus in the classroom as we encourage the students to think about their behavoiur to ensure we are all in a happy and safe in our learning environment.

As part of getting to know each other the students discussed the things that they like.  These included playing in the playground, playing with friends and playing on the equipment.

We are looking forward to a happy first term together, getting along, making good choices and learning lots of new things.

Facts about the Olden Days by Prep G students!

The Gramophone

The gramophone was used to play music. You had to crank it up to make it work because there was no electricity. You put a sock into the horn to turn down the sound.

The Typewriter

The typewriter was made about 150 years ago. It was used to write words, sentences and stories. You would press the letters, then the hammer would hit the ribbon with ink on it and then it would go on the paper.


The Meat Safe

The meat safe was made out of metal or wood and had lots of holes around it. It was used to store food in. It would keep the food cool, fresh and safe from the insects and the animals. People would put a wet cloth around the top and sides of the meat safe. It would be placed somewhere that was cool.







The Grandparents visit Prep G.

Hi Prep Families and Friends,

On Friday afternoon grandparents came to tell us about the Olden Days.

They told us that they were allowed to climb the trees.

The Grandparents said that all their food was delivered to their house by a horse and cart.

If you wanted to play sport after school, you would get home very late at around 6.00pm. Your dad or mum didn’t pick you up from school. You had to get home all by yourself.

The milkman came and delivered milk in glass bottles. They had a bottle of milk at school every day. This bottle would sit in the sun. It would become warm and you had to drink it.

Heavy Teddy came to school. He was 75 years old. He played music and helped put Patrick’s Grandma to sleep.

They showed us a photo of a little boy wearing a dress. This was the clothes that little boys wore in the Olden Days.

Some of the chores they did, as children were to get up early and feed the chooks, chop wood for the oven and stove and open fire.

Written by Prep G

The Olden Day Kids!



The Cane!




Learning how to use the pen and ink.



We are doing so well!

Hi Prep families and friends,

On Monday we had an Olden Day Lady  named Mrs. Sargood come and visit us. She asked us many questions and she told us what school was like in the Olden Days. Here are some things we learnt:

In the Olden Days school was very different to school today, some schools only had one big classroom with 150 students.

Some teachers were nice but some were very strict and mean.

Before you could come into the classroom the teacher would check your hands and finger nails. You could not come into the room if your hands and nails were dirty.

The student’s wrote with chalk and chalk boards. They rubbed their work off when they were finished, so they couldn’t keep their work.

The students used pen and ink to learn to write letters. We tried writing with pen and ink. It was fun!

If small children were naughty the child would be put into a basket. A rope would be tied to the basket and the teacher would pull the rope. The basket would be pulled up in to the ceiling and the student would sit in the basket near the rats, mice, spiders and the dust.

If you were naughty the teacher would smack you with a cane. The boys got a smacked on the knuckles and the girls got smacked on the palms of their hands. The children felt very embarrassed and upset.

Some teachers put a special cap on the naughty child’s head. It was called the dunces cap. It was black with a D written in red on it.

Some teachers would throw books at the students and hit them on the head.

The children would go home for lunch and then the teacher would ring a hand bell to tell the children to come back to school as lunch time was over.

Children needed to sit up straight and would sit in rows at their desks.  If you did not sit up straight a log was tied to your shoulders to keep your back straight.

Some children did not go to school.  At the age of 5 or 6 years they would go to work from early in the morning until late at night. All the money the children would get went to their mum and dad.

Queen Victoria was the Queen of the day and our state Victoria is named after her. Queen Victoria wanted all to know how to read and write.

Queen Victoria would send her letters on a sailing ship to Australia. It would take 3 months for the letters to arrive in Australia.

You were not allowed to live on the streets. If you did not have a home you were put in jail as it was illegal.

We are so glad we do not live in the Olden Days!!!!


Let us in !!!!!






The Preps have been at school for 100 DAYS!


Hi Prep Gannan Parents,

I thought you might like to see a few snaps of the children on their 100th Day at School. The day started with eager, beaming faces knocking at the door. I could hear much excitement as I approached the door. The students came racing in. Just seeing the balloons and streamers was all too much!!!!

You will be pleased to know that not much sugar was had. We danced lots complete various activities and ate a yummy cup cake or two.

We do hope you love our crowns. I think they are just magnificent!!!

An update of the children’s response of today is just around the corner.

Chat soon,

Louise Gannan

Week 2: Going to the Church

This week we discovered that we belonged to the Parish of  St. Dominic and so on Thursday we walked to our church.

This is what we learnt:

St. Dominic’s Church is a very old church and is made out of blue stone and sand stone. It is very tall and has a bell tower at the top.

Father Paul was waiting for us at Saint Dominic’s church.

Father Paul and the church are very Holy!!!!! We have to be quiet, respectful and peaceful in church.

We saw where we got baptised. It is called the baptismal font.

We listened to Tia ring the bells in the church. We ring the bells in the middle of the mass when Father Paul breaks the bread and holds the chalice with wine up high.

We learnt about all the special clothes that the priests wear at different times, some clothes are purple and pink, white and yellow and green and red.

We saw the tabernacle which is a cupboard where Jesus (the bread) is kept.

The windows looked very fancy and colourful. These widows are called stained glass windows. They are special because Jesus, God and Mary were on them.

We saw the statue of St. Dominic.

We saw the bronze ( metal ) doors that are very old and beautiful.

We saw the very precious prayer book that had gold on the edges of the pages.

We saw Jesus on the cross. This is called the crucifix.

We had a great time!

Thankyou Father Paul!



Through the Looking Glass, we Look at the Past!

The Term has started with much excitement with the  students very keen to meet our  new Principal  Mrs. Moss.

During this term in our History  Inquiry unit,  will be looking into the past and we will note some of the changes that have occurred over time.

Some of Our Wondering Questions are:

Edward: What kind of scooters and bikes did they have?     What did they use to write with?

Will Crofts: What kind of cars did they drive?

Rachel and Mietta: What kind of houses did they live in ?

Emilia: What kind of toys did they play with?

Angus and Olivia: What clothes did they wear?

Ella: What kind of wheel chaisr did they use?

Lara: What were the teachers like in the olden days?

Paddy: What kind of shoes did they wear?

Tia: How did they cook their food? What were some olden day names?

Will H: What were the schools like in the olden days?

Esther: How long did it take to do their shopping and what were the shops like?

Paige: What did the teachers use to teach the kids?

Patrick: What were the hospitals like?

Terumi: What were the buildings in the city like?

James: What games did they play?

Carla: How did they make books?

Claudia: What type of phones did they have?

Will B: How did they get to school?

You will be pleased to know that our broad beans are growing beautifully.




Prep Gannan’s Garden

Let’s go planting!

Planting Broad Beans!

Hi All,

To plant our broad beans we firstly got a plastic cup and put some newspaper in it. Then we put our broad bean seed in the cup and watered it.

We waited for our plants to grow and we saw the roots starting to grow, the stems and then the leaves. When our plants got big enough we planted them in our garden.

Some of our plants didn’t work, they got mouldy and died. Some of us felt miserable, so we tried again. Unfortunately some seeds didn’t work so we planted the broad bean seeds straight into the soil.

Lara was gardener for the week and she watered our plants.

The tallest plant belongs to James and it is 29 cms tall.

We hope our plants don’t die, especially during our holidays when no-one is at school to look after them.


My plant has roots!


Look at our seeds!


We are tagging our plants.


Look at our wonderful garden!