Our first excursion to the Botanical Gardens

We planted a bulb and it will become a daffodil.  The bulb looked like an onion.  We watered the bulb.


We saw a Bottle Tree.  It has water inside the trunk.  It grows in the desert.


Worms help plants to grow.  They make holes in the soil to let air in the soil.


Plants need water, sun, shade and soil.

The Lightening Tree has wire ropes to help it stand up tall.  Lightening struck the tree and split it in half.


At the bottom of the Lightening Tree we found fairy homes.  Katie saw a real fairy!  It was wearing very special shoes.


We worked with a partner and we gently put leaves on their faces.  Then we threw the autumn leaves high up in the air.


We made potpourri out of lavender and rose petals.  We gave our daffodil bulb and out potpourri to our mums for Mother’s Day.


We went on the bus, we were happy and had an exciting time on our very first excursion.

Running at Cross Country


We came to school and got ready to go to Highfield Park because it was St. Dominics Cross Country Day. We walked to the park and we sat on the grass with our coloured teams. Our teams sang its song very loudly. We watched the Year 1 & 2 children run around the oval. Then it was time for the Preps to run around the oval.


We stood in a line and Mrs. Owies beeped the horn and off we ran as fast as we could.

I felt fit. (Katie, Amber)

I felt tired ( Xavier, Henry, Jack)

I felt really good at running. ( Alex K)

I felt good.( Tyler, Ella, Charles, Dani, Veronica)

I felt nervous. ( Lachlan, Esther, Paige)

I felt hot. (Charlie)

I was pleased to be at school with my team. ( Sasha)

It was fun. ( Alex M)

My legs were feeling strong. ( Cooper)

My legs were wobbly. (Zara)

My legs were hurting. ( Bella, Maddie, Luka L)

We came back from Highfield Park and we felt tired but great!!!!






Stretch and the Paramedics came to our school.


The paramedics came to school, they read us a story about Stretch. In the story Stretch was playing on the slide and  broke his arm badly. The teacher came and called 000 because they needed an ambulance. The ambulance came and took him to the hospital and the doctors fixed his arm.

You need to ring an ambulane when it is a big emergency not a tiny one.

We went outside and we saw the ambulance. We had a photo with Stretch and our paramedic unifor

ms on.

We got to look inside the ambulance. The really loud siren and big, bright flashing lights went on.

The paramedics came to school to teach us that they look after us.


The Firemen came to our school.


If you are in bed and there is a fire, you should get out of bed and drop to the ground. (Lachlan)

Keep low and crawl and GO! GO! GO! ( Charlie)

If you are in the kitchen just with kids and there is a fire you could call your Mama to come. ( Pearl)

When you are cooking you should have your mum to help you to cook safely. ( Alex K)

If you are having a camp fire in the bush, you should put some bricks around the fire to stop the fire from spreading. ( Charles)

If you have fire on your back you must lie on your back and roll from side to side. ( Luka L)

A special meeting place near your home could be the foot path or the letter box. ( Charles and Henry)

We have to know our mum’s or dad’s mobile phone number. ( Esther)

We have to remember our street number , street name and the suburb we live in. ( Cooper)

When there is an emergency you must ring 0 0 0. ( Zara )

You can only ring the firemen when there is a fire and not for no reason. (Katie)



Pancake Tuesday

Last Tuesday was Pancake Tuesday.  We made pancakes with some Mums.  Then we ate them!  We brought toppings from home like maple syrup, chocolate, honey, rainbow sprinkles, jam and sugar. They were delicious.

Pancake Tuesday is the day before Lent starts.  Lent is the special time of year when we get ready for Easter.

We decided to give up something for Lent.  We will give up:

Lollies – Henry, Zara, Ella, Esther, Tyler, Lachlan, Maddie, Katie, Pearl, Amber

Chocolate – Xavier, Alex K, Jarvis, Alex M, Bella, Cooper, Paige, Dani, Veronica, Luca L

Icy Poles – Charles, Jack,

Biscuits – Charlie


IMG_6037 IMG_6039 IMG_6051 IMG_6066



Police Come to School


The police are there to help people and keep us safe. They catch baddies.

The police lady told us not to touch the police dog when it is working.

If you get lost at the shopping centre stay where you are and tell the shop keeper you are lost. The police will come and help find your mum or dad.

When there is a very big problem then call 000 and the police will come and help you.

The police lady gave us some homework. We have to remember our address and mum or dad’s phone number.

The police car has a very loud siren and flashing lights. The car has a checkered pattern. The colours are blue and white.

We had great fun!

The end


Why Prep Gannan Come To School

On Friday we discussed why it is important to school and what we might do at school.  The children came up with these ideas.

We come to school to learn to count. Lachlan

We come to school to learn how to write words and stories. Henry, Veronica and Bella

We come to school to do lots of different things and to play outside. Ella, Alex M and Xavier

We come to school to learn how to do some new art and drawings. Maddy, Luka, Zara and Pearl

We come to school to be very smart.  Katie

We come to school to learn how to read.  Jarvis and Amber

We come to school to learn to be kind to people and to make new friends.  Cooper and Alexander K

We come to school to learn how to make friends and play with them in the classroom.  Charlie

We come to school to learn letters and the Alphabet.  Esther and Jack

We come to school to learn Perfoming Arts. Charles

We come to school to play lots of games.  Sacha

We come to school to play sports and basketball. Tyler

We come to school to play with lots of friends. Paige

School Starts!

The Preps are off to a great start to the year.  They have started learning this terms values of Getting Along which has included discussing taking turns and making good choices.  The students decided they need to take turns because when we take turns we are sharing, being kind and making friends.  Making good choices is also a major focus in the classroom as we encourage the students to think about their behavoiur to ensure we are all in a happy and safe in our learning environment.

As part of getting to know each other the students discussed the things that they like.  These included playing in the playground, playing with friends and playing on the equipment.

We are looking forward to a happy first term together, getting along, making good choices and learning lots of new things.