This week in Maths we have been counting the letters in our name! Aemilia

I learnt how many letters were in my name, there are 7 letters in my name! Jackson

We played the game of throwing the ball to another friend in Prep, to learn their names. Emma

I liked the reading activity ‘find the one that’s different.’ Poppy

I liked the activity where you find the letters that are in your name. Elijah and Faustina

We liked listening to the story Koala Lou, I do Love You.

I liked it when her Mummy cuddled Koala Lou. Katarina

I liked it when Koala Lou raced to the top of the gumtree. Ryan

I liked reading books on the cushions. Hunter and Jules

I liked playing with Xavier, we dig holes in the sandpit together. James

I liked playing chasey with Xavier. Charlie

I liked it when we drew ourselves in our uniform. Daniella

I liked playing with Poppy in the sandpit. Lola

I liked playing police with James. Isaac I liked playing Mums and Dads with Elijah. Grace

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