Our Butterfly Incursion!

Butterflies drink with their tongue, that is attached to their feet. April

Boy butterflies have black dots, but the girls don’t have any dots! Katarina and Grace

Butterflies are insects because they have six legs. Daniella

They smell with their antennas. Jackson

Butterfly wings are very delicate, and if you touch them, it could hurt them. Poppy

They eat nectar from the flowers. Isla

They have four wings. Xavier

Caterpillars shed their skin five times.  Ryan

Butterflies have patterns with all different colours, but moths have patterns with brown colours. Emma

Moths can put out their wings and land on the trees, where they are camouflaged. Butterflies close their wings, to protect themselves from predators. Jonathan and Aemelia

When butterflies need to have a rest, they close their wings. Zoe

The feet of the butterflies have a tongue. Myles

Moths have furry antennas. Elijah

Butterflies come out of a chrysalis, but moths come out of a cacoon. Eliza



We love Prep!

I loved playing the Maths counting game Off the Bus. Jackson and James

I loved writing about our favourite sheep. Charlie

I loved playing the Maths game Chasey. Myles

I liked playing with playdo. Emma and April

I liked colouring in and cutting out the snail in Literacy groups. Katarina and Daniella

I liked colouring in things starting with S. Elijah and Isla I liked doing the fitness exercises. Jules and Hunter

I liked liked looking at and drawing the fish during our discovery time. Lola

I liked looking at the patterns on the caterpillar during discovery time. Grace

I liked the chickens that Jonathon’s Mum brought in. I really liked the chicken Fluffy because she looked like she was wearing a hat! Ryan


This week in Maths we have been counting the letters in our name! Aemilia

I learnt how many letters were in my name, there are 7 letters in my name! Jackson

We played the game of throwing the ball to another friend in Prep, to learn their names. Emma

I liked the reading activity ‘find the one that’s different.’ Poppy

I liked the activity where you find the letters that are in your name. Elijah and Faustina

We liked listening to the story Koala Lou, I do Love You.

I liked it when her Mummy cuddled Koala Lou. Katarina

I liked it when Koala Lou raced to the top of the gumtree. Ryan

I liked reading books on the cushions. Hunter and Jules

I liked playing with Xavier, we dig holes in the sandpit together. James

I liked playing chasey with Xavier. Charlie

I liked it when we drew ourselves in our uniform. Daniella

I liked playing with Poppy in the sandpit. Lola

I liked playing police with James. Isaac I liked playing Mums and Dads with Elijah. Grace