Our first excursion to the Botanical Gardens

We planted a bulb and it will become a daffodil.  The bulb looked like an onion.  We watered the bulb.


We saw a Bottle Tree.  It has water inside the trunk.  It grows in the desert.


Worms help plants to grow.  They make holes in the soil to let air in the soil.


Plants need water, sun, shade and soil.

The Lightening Tree has wire ropes to help it stand up tall.  Lightening struck the tree and split it in half.


At the bottom of the Lightening Tree we found fairy homes.  Katie saw a real fairy!  It was wearing very special shoes.


We worked with a partner and we gently put leaves on their faces.  Then we threw the autumn leaves high up in the air.


We made potpourri out of lavender and rose petals.  We gave our daffodil bulb and out potpourri to our mums for Mother’s Day.


We went on the bus, we were happy and had an exciting time on our very first excursion.