Running at Cross Country


We came to school and got ready to go to Highfield Park because it was St. Dominics Cross Country Day. We walked to the park and we sat on the grass with our coloured teams. Our teams sang its song very loudly. We watched the Year 1 & 2 children run around the oval. Then it was time for the Preps to run around the oval.


We stood in a line and Mrs. Owies beeped the horn and off we ran as fast as we could.

I felt fit. (Katie, Amber)

I felt tired ( Xavier, Henry, Jack)

I felt really good at running. ( Alex K)

I felt good.( Tyler, Ella, Charles, Dani, Veronica)

I felt nervous. ( Lachlan, Esther, Paige)

I felt hot. (Charlie)

I was pleased to be at school with my team. ( Sasha)

It was fun. ( Alex M)

My legs were feeling strong. ( Cooper)

My legs were wobbly. (Zara)

My legs were hurting. ( Bella, Maddie, Luka L)

We came back from Highfield Park and we felt tired but great!!!!






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