The Firemen came to our school.


If you are in bed and there is a fire, you should get out of bed and drop to the ground. (Lachlan)

Keep low and crawl and GO! GO! GO! ( Charlie)

If you are in the kitchen just with kids and there is a fire you could call your Mama to come. ( Pearl)

When you are cooking you should have your mum to help you to cook safely. ( Alex K)

If you are having a camp fire in the bush, you should put some bricks around the fire to stop the fire from spreading. ( Charles)

If you have fire on your back you must lie on your back and roll from side to side. ( Luka L)

A special meeting place near your home could be the foot path or the letter box. ( Charles and Henry)

We have to know our mum’s or dad’s mobile phone number. ( Esther)

We have to remember our street number , street name and the suburb we live in. ( Cooper)

When there is an emergency you must ring 0 0 0. ( Zara )

You can only ring the firemen when there is a fire and not for no reason. (Katie)



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