Pancake Tuesday

Last Tuesday was Pancake Tuesday.  We made pancakes with some Mums.  Then we ate them!  We brought toppings from home like maple syrup, chocolate, honey, rainbow sprinkles, jam and sugar. They were delicious.

Pancake Tuesday is the day before Lent starts.  Lent is the special time of year when we get ready for Easter.

We decided to give up something for Lent.  We will give up:

Lollies – Henry, Zara, Ella, Esther, Tyler, Lachlan, Maddie, Katie, Pearl, Amber

Chocolate – Xavier, Alex K, Jarvis, Alex M, Bella, Cooper, Paige, Dani, Veronica, Luca L

Icy Poles – Charles, Jack,

Biscuits – Charlie


IMG_6037 IMG_6039 IMG_6051 IMG_6066



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