Week 2: Going to the Church

This week we discovered that we belonged to the Parish of  St. Dominic and so on Thursday we walked to our church.

This is what we learnt:

St. Dominic’s Church is a very old church and is made out of blue stone and sand stone. It is very tall and has a bell tower at the top.

Father Paul was waiting for us at Saint Dominic’s church.

Father Paul and the church are very Holy!!!!! We have to be quiet, respectful and peaceful in church.

We saw where we got baptised. It is called the baptismal font.

We listened to Tia ring the bells in the church. We ring the bells in the middle of the mass when Father Paul breaks the bread and holds the chalice with wine up high.

We learnt about all the special clothes that the priests wear at different times, some clothes are purple and pink, white and yellow and green and red.

We saw the tabernacle which is a cupboard where Jesus (the bread) is kept.

The windows looked very fancy and colourful. These widows are called stained glass windows. They are special because Jesus, God and Mary were on them.

We saw the statue of St. Dominic.

We saw the bronze ( metal ) doors that are very old and beautiful.

We saw the very precious prayer book that had gold on the edges of the pages.

We saw Jesus on the cross. This is called the crucifix.

We had a great time!

Thankyou Father Paul!



Through the Looking Glass, we Look at the Past!

The Term has started with much excitement with the  students very keen to meet our  new Principal  Mrs. Moss.

During this term in our History  Inquiry unit,  will be looking into the past and we will note some of the changes that have occurred over time.

Some of Our Wondering Questions are:

Edward: What kind of scooters and bikes did they have?     What did they use to write with?

Will Crofts: What kind of cars did they drive?

Rachel and Mietta: What kind of houses did they live in ?

Emilia: What kind of toys did they play with?

Angus and Olivia: What clothes did they wear?

Ella: What kind of wheel chaisr did they use?

Lara: What were the teachers like in the olden days?

Paddy: What kind of shoes did they wear?

Tia: How did they cook their food? What were some olden day names?

Will H: What were the schools like in the olden days?

Esther: How long did it take to do their shopping and what were the shops like?

Paige: What did the teachers use to teach the kids?

Patrick: What were the hospitals like?

Terumi: What were the buildings in the city like?

James: What games did they play?

Carla: How did they make books?

Claudia: What type of phones did they have?

Will B: How did they get to school?

You will be pleased to know that our broad beans are growing beautifully.