Prep Gannan’s Garden

Let’s go planting!

Planting Broad Beans!

Hi All,

To plant our broad beans we firstly got a plastic cup and put some newspaper in it. Then we put our broad bean seed in the cup and watered it.

We waited for our plants to grow and we saw the roots starting to grow, the stems and then the leaves. When our plants got big enough we planted them in our garden.

Some of our plants didn’t work, they got mouldy and died. Some of us felt miserable, so we tried again. Unfortunately some seeds didn’t work so we planted the broad bean seeds straight into the soil.

Lara was gardener for the week and she watered our plants.

The tallest plant belongs to James and it is 29 cms tall.

We hope our plants don’t die, especially during our holidays when no-one is at school to look after them.


My plant has roots!


Look at our seeds!


We are tagging our plants.


Look at our wonderful garden!

The Aquarium Adventure for Preps


We were very excited when we hopped on the bus. We met Justin at the Melbourne Aquarium and he showed us around the Aquarium.

Paddy : I loved the penguins because they were cute.

Will H : The sharks were very interesting because they were scary.

Esther: I liked the eels because they were long and spotty.

Ben M: I liked the stingray and the way it swims.

Amelie: I loved the seahorses, they were colourful.

Benji: I liked watching the schools of fish, some fish were long, some were small and some were huge!

Ella: Fish have three special things, these are gills, fins and a tail.

Will C: I loved the turtle called Rosie because she was floating.

James: I loved the lizards because they were real.

Paige: I loved the seadragons because they could hold onto seaweed and branches. I also liked the Butterfly fish because it stays with its family.

Olivia: I liked the eels because they can camouflage very well.

Claudia: I liked the snakes because of the sound they make.

Edward: I found the sharks very interesting because some were very big and some were very small.

Will B: I liked the turtles because they were beautiful.

Rachel: I liked the seahorse because they could hold onto seaweed.

Mietta: I liked the seastar because we could hold them.

Lara: I liked the frogs because they were swimming.

Terumi: The fishes were colourful and amazing!

Hamish:I liked the stingray because they were cool and  awesome.

Tia: I liked the Groper because he was very big and he could eat anything that would fit in his mouth.

Angus: I liked the sharks because they were swimming very well.

 Maia:I loved the Clown fish because they were orange and white.

Patrick: I loved the seadragons because they could camouflage very well. I liked watching the school of fish because they would help each other.

Hugo:I liked the sharks because they were very big.

Emilia: I liked all the small yellow fish.

The Amazing Turtle








The Penguins are coming!

We’re off to the Melbourne Aquarium

What a Day!!!

We came to school very excited and nervous.  We got organised and hopped on the big bus. Some of us sat down the back , some in the middle and some at the front of the bus. There was much laughter and chatter on the bus.

We arrived at the Melbourne Aquarium and ate our fruit ‘n veg then played some games. Finally we went into the Aquarium and a leader named Justin began to take us on our tour.

We saw many amazing creatures like:

•Fish: giant clam, sharks, sting rays, clown fish, seahorses, eels, the groper which was at least 85 years old

•Reptiles: turtles, lizard and spiders

•Birds: penguins

We learnt about the different types of envirnoments : the temperate waters, cold waters and arctic environment which is the coldest, windest and driest place ever!

Finally we ate our lunch and hopped back on the bus to return back to school.

We were EXHAUSTED but happy !

Have a look at of our class snaps and let us know what you think.

Bye for now !


On the bus!